Spain Tour!

This fall we are heading for spain!

The dates are as following;

05/09 Rocksound, Barcelona

06/09 Café Teatro La Nube, Bilbao

07/09 Sala Impacto, Plasencia

08/09 Forum Celticum, A Coruna

09/09 Club Clavicémbalo, Lugo

10/09 El Zagal, Aldeamayor De San Martin


See you on the road!!



We would like to thank you all for supporting us through 2016, It has been a good year for us and we hope you will all stand by our side through 2017 too! We’ve got some great surprises coming up for you so just hold on!


Tomorrow we will end 2016 with a big fucking bang at Stenladan in Växjö so don’t miss out on the party of the year!

We would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!




On December 25th we’ll tear apart Stenladan in Växjö together with our brother in Ambush and Basement Bout at the ”METALPOUNDERS” fest!

We can assure you that you DO NOT want to miss this party!

CLICK HERE to get to the Facebook event!



Review in Italian!

logo-no-pippistrello-ok-back-trasp-bloodHere’s a new great review from the awesome Italian webzine METALHEAD.IT!

They rated the album ”Dirty’N’Damned” 8/10!

We can’t deny their great taste when it comes to Rock’n’Roll!

Read the full review HERE!

(Yes, of course it’s in Italian.)



We are coming back!

We know you didn’t get enough of us at Harry B James so the 3rd of August we will unleash the fury at Pub Anchor!

Be there!


Jackpot on Harte Musik! (Review)

Great Review on the German site ”Harte Musik” !

They gave the album 5/5!

Check out the review HERE!

With a rating like that you know they just can’t be wrong!

Thank you Copenhagen!

We had a blast at the Nordic Noise Festival this weekend!

A big thank you to all of you who came to the show and of course all of you who hung out with us too after the gig and at the afterparty at High Voltage Rockclub!


Here’s a review from the gig, it’s in Danish!



Here’s also a live video featuring all the bands from the 2nd day of the festival when we were first out!



The site ”Eternal Terror” has written a great review for the upcoming album!

” Rough, gritty vocals and catchy, bluesy-oriented heavy riffs puts the band in a similar class as Airbourne, Accept, and possibly mentors like Bullet that live for that down to earth catchiness in vocals as well as musical construction….”


Check out the whole review HERE!


Sweden Rock Magazine review! (Translated)

In the latest number (Nr 4)  of Sweden Rock Magazine you’ll find this brilliant review of the album, and also you will find a interview we did a couple of weeks ago, so run to the store and pick up your copy!

It was originally written in Swedish, but we are so thoughtful, so we translated it for you!

Here’s what they wrote:


Det är något med denna sorts rättframma och opretentiösa hårdrock som jag tycker är oemotståndligt. Band som spelar okomplicerad musik i rakt nedstigande led från AC/DC, Krokus och Accept utan att krångla till det. Som skiter i att försöka vara kreddiga eller nyskapande och spelar bara den musik de själva älskar att lyssna på. En kärleksförklaring till gammal hårdrock, framförd med ungdomlig energi. Till den skaran kan vi nu räkna in Tingsryds Devil’s Gun, vars sleaziga debutskiva lika gärna hade kunnat vara inspelad 1980 som 1990. Dirty’n’Damned skulle kunna beskrivas som den felande länken mellan Bullet, Scams och Dynamite (vad är det småland och denna typ av rock egentligen?), men allra mest får de mig att tänka på nyligen återuppståndna Tornado Babies. Vill du ha ett soundtrack till sommarens folkölsfester behöver du inte leta längre. Vrid upp volymen och lämna filosofihatten hemma, här blir det åka av! Ett måste för oss som aldrig kan få nog av klassisk ölhävar-hårdrock.” -Daniel Berg, Sweden Rock Magazine


 There is something about this kind of straightforward and unpretentious hard rock that I find irresistible. Bands playing uncomplicated music in the direct line of AC/DC, Krokus and Accept without a fuss. Who doesn’t give a shit about being creddy or innovative and just plays the music they love to listen to. A declaration of love for old hard rock, performed with youthful energy. Among them, we can no count in Tingsryds Devil’s Gun, which sleazy debut album just as well could have been recorded in 1980 as 1990. Dirty’n’Damned could be described as the missing link between Bullet, The Scams and Dynamite (what is it about Småland and this type of rock?), but most of all, you get me thinking about recently resurrected Tornado Babies. If you want a soundtrack to the summers beerparties look no further. Turn up the volume, leave the philosophyhat at home and buckle up, here we go! A must-have for us who can’t get enough of classic beerchugging-heavy metal.