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Big news!

It’s with a real heavy heart we have to let you know that our brother Emil has decided to leave Devil’s Gun. There’s no hard feelings between us at all, we where just pulling into different directions so he felt that this was the best decision to make. So if you want to catch him one last time on stage with us you should join us at Bandstationen May 20th, this will be his last show with Devil’s Gun!
But this won’t stop us! We are currently working as hard as ever on the next album and it’s sounding pretty damn good this far!
We’ll give you more updates on that soon!

Spain Tour!

This fall we are heading for spain!

The dates are as following;

05/09 Rocksound, Barcelona

06/09 Café Teatro La Nube, Bilbao

07/09 Sala Impacto, Plasencia

08/09 Forum Celticum, A Coruna

09/09 Club Clavicémbalo, Lugo

10/09 El Zagal, Aldeamayor De San Martin


See you on the road!!



Thank you Switzerland and Ice Rock Festival, You were absolutely amazing!

One thing is for sure, We’ll be back!

Here’s a couple of videos from the gig!

Hot Rock City and Let’em Ride!

And also the last encore where we gave the festival a new anthem, here’s ”Ice Rock City”!

So until we see you again, THANK YOU SWITZERLAND!



We would like to thank you all for supporting us through 2016, It has been a good year for us and we hope you will all stand by our side through 2017 too! We’ve got some great surprises coming up for you so just hold on!


Tomorrow we will end 2016 with a big fucking bang at Stenladan in Växjö so don’t miss out on the party of the year!

We would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!




On December 25th we’ll tear apart Stenladan in Växjö together with our brother in Ambush and Basement Bout at the ”METALPOUNDERS” fest!

We can assure you that you DO NOT want to miss this party!

CLICK HERE to get to the Facebook event!



Help us help other with this benefit for Musikhjälpen!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to place a bid on this fantastic bunch of Devil’s Gun stuff and one of Philip’s old guitars! And ALL the money is donated to Musikhjälpen, which this year is helping kids in war zones so they can go to school! So not only do you get awesome stuff, you help unfortunate children, it’s a win win!
Feel free to share this with your friends too!


CLICK HERE to get to the campaign and place a bid!


CLICK HERE to read more about musikhjälpen!

Review in Italian!

logo-no-pippistrello-ok-back-trasp-bloodHere’s a new great review from the awesome Italian webzine METALHEAD.IT!

They rated the album ”Dirty’N’Damned” 8/10!

We can’t deny their great taste when it comes to Rock’n’Roll!

Read the full review HERE!

(Yes, of course it’s in Italian.)

Stockholm gig postponed!

We are very sorry to announce that we have to postpone our gig at Pub Anchor that was supposed to take place next week.. But don’t worry, We’ll let you know as soon as we have a new date!



We are coming back!

We know you didn’t get enough of us at Harry B James so the 3rd of August we will unleash the fury at Pub Anchor!

Be there!


Jackpot on Harte Musik! (Review)

Great Review on the German site ”Harte Musik” !

They gave the album 5/5!

Check out the review HERE!

With a rating like that you know they just can’t be wrong!